Subtitle Workshop 6.0b released.

Published on: 28.11.2013
We have released Subtitle Workshop 6.0b.

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This is a quick release and there is only one change in it:
  • Bug fixed: Impossible to edit subtitles containing two-byte characters (Chinese, Japanese, Korean).

We are still working on a new version which would include some new features, so keep checking.

Subtitle Workshop 6.0a released.

Published on: 26.08.2013
We have released Subtitle Workshop 6.0a.

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This is a quick release and there are only a couple of changes in it:
  • Bug fixed: The input language changes automatically in various situations, especially when using a right-to-left language like Arabic or Hebrew.
  • Edit > Timings > Extend Length to previous shortcut changed to SHIFT+ALT+E in order to free the ALT+E combination used in the Polish keyboard.

We are still working on a new version which would include some new features, so keep checking.

Subtitle Workshop 6.0 is here!

Published on: 15.08.2013
Subtitle Workshop is back!

Version 6.0 is here with many new exciting features.
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Here's what's new in version 6.0 (build 130814):
  • Based on Subtitle Workshop 2.51.

  • A new Multiple Tags Mode, that allows working with multiple tags in a single subtitle.
  • New Subtitle API version 1.15, which supports the new Multiple Tags Mode, adds a few new formats, and fixes issues with some old formats.
  • Toolbar, Statusbar, Text Style Bars, and Time Control Buttons.
  • Pause system - view and modify the time gap between two subtitles.
  • Characters per Second (CpS) system.
  • Duration and Pause columns in the Subtitles List.
  • New error marking system - features constant automatic error rechecking and unique marking of every error type.
  • New error types - Too short pauses, Too many CpS, Dialogue on one line, and more.
  • New functions, including an Auto Combine Subtitles function.
  • Improved old functions, including breaking on punctuation marks with Smart Line Adjust.
  • New context menus for the Subtitles List and the Text and Translation fields.
  • Easier timing values editing and shifting with the mouse wheel in different ways.
  • Improved In-place edition.
  • Greatly extended Information & Errors window functionality.
  • Custom Info system - search for subtitles in the subtitle file based on custom user-defined rules about the timing or the text.
  • Extended Various Information window information.
  • Subtitle marking can be saved in a .SRF file.
  • Many new settings, including default new subtitle duration and pause values.

  • Volume Control, Audio Stream selection, and Video Renderer selection in the Video Preview.
  • Zooming, Full Screen Mode, Aspect Ratio selection, and a new context menu in the Video Preview.
  • Visual subtitle representation in the Video Preview Seekbar.
  • Many more video and audio formats can be opened (as long as the system has the codecs for them).

  • New Pascal Script functions.
  • Many bug fixes.
  • And much more... (see changelog.txt for the full list of changes)
Give it a try!
Send us your feedback and let us know what you think!

Subtitle Workshop's official facebook launched.

Published on: 15.08.2013
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Subtitle Workshop's official website launched.

Published on: 15.08.2013
Welcome to the official Subtitle Workshop website!
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